Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dataset and Visual Studio Development.

Today, had to decide on the Data Layer of my Web Application and had to finalize the implementation that had to be done. I analyzed the last application to find out how it was done. Also, I searched for some content on the web.

After some research I found that it can be done in two ways. One to have my business logic done in a class file which interacts with the Data and provides application with a Dataset or Datatable object with the data. Second, to have a Dataset item added to my project which is an XML Style Definition file encapsulating my data and logic.

On a detailed research I found that the later option is strongly typed and has more usability with other components than the former. This also enables the IDE to provide intellisense to the developer.

The best part is you don't code just drag & drop and it's done. Yes without doubt the actual integration of this Dataset in your project needs some basic understanding of the Dataset is organized and how you can harness the power it has.

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