Thursday, December 2, 2010

jQuery UI on the Microsoft CDN

You can start using jQuery UI in your ASP.NET websites by linking to jQuery UI at the following address:
You can start using the CDN now for free. No registration is required.
Using jQuery UI from the CDN can substantially improve the performance of your production ASP.NET websites. The Microsoft CDN is composed of servers distributed around the world. When users request a page from your website, the users can retrieve jQuery UI from a server located geographically close to them.
In addition, because browsers cache JavaScript files relative to a domain, serving jQuery UI from a CDN enables your website users to avoid downloading jQuery UI when visiting multiple websites. If you visit two websites that both use jQuery UI from the Microsoft CDN then the jQuery UI library only needs to be downloaded once.
Learn more about the Microsoft Ajax CDN by visiting the following website:
This website is being updated with the location of all of the jQuery UI library files.

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